Our Sports Performance Training sessions offer in-season and off-season training tailored to your individual and sport-specific needs.

Each session is approximately 60-90 minutes and includes:

  • Assessments performed periodically to evaluate strengths and weaknesses, gauge progress, and track results
  • Motivation through specific expectations set by coaches with personal tracking and monitoring of progression
  • Maximizing Learning by consistently challenging and correcting routines to ensure safety and the best results possible
  • Sport-Specific Movements that are designed to be progressive and multi-directional including practicing linear and lateral movement patterns, high and low impact sensitivities, acceleration and deceleration changes, and energy system development
  • Results that are achieved through hard work, consistency, and coachability allowing for maximized outcomes


Tornado Training for adults includes a 1-hour, full-throttle fitness program designed to benefit lifestyle athletes, moms and dads, and fitness fans who want fast results that last. 

Our Tornado training is made for adults of all ages and athletic backgrounds (from novice to elite) and can help break new fitness goals and aspirations as well start a commitment to a brand-new lifestyle in a tight-knit group environment.

Tornado Training includes:

  • Many of the same movement principles as our Sports Performance Training including cardio conditioning, strength training, flexibility training, balance work, and much more
  • Coaching of the entire session by MB Staff to ensure safety and effectiveness
  • A group-setting atmosphere that promotes motivation, intensity, and fun!


We work with organizations, coaches, and parents who want to enhance their team’s performance both preseason and in-season.

Sessions last from 45-60 minutes and can be tailored for pre or post-practice routines to optimize results.

Sports Team Training includes:

  • Assessments that are sport-specific to evaluate progress throughout the program
  • Motivation created through competition among teammates for the constant drive to shatter personal and team records
  • Learning through reinforcement of certain training movements and recovery technique designed to keep athletes in their respective competitions
  • Unity through one, cohesive team striving to improve together to reach their ultimate goals

MB Sports Training has partnered with:

  • Elite Hockey Academy
  • North Haven High School Hockey
  • North Branford High School Hockey
  • Yale Jr. Bulldogs Youth Hockey
  • Greater New Haven Warriors Youth Hockey
  • Wallingford Hawks Youth Hockey
  • North Haven Youth Soccer
  • Shoreline Sharks Women’s Hockey

K912 (KIDS)

Our K912 Training uses similar principles as our Sports Performance Training in an appropriate introductory training curriculum that sets the stage for the long-term athletic development of young athletes.

Sessions last approximately 60 minutes and is available for kids aged 9-12. K912 Training includes:

  • Learning of basic age-specific movements meant to build a foundation for future training
  • Programs designed to be progressive and multi-directional, including practicing linear and lateral movement patterns, high and low impact intensities, acceleration and deceleration changes, and energy system development
  • Coaching of the entire session by MB staff to ensure safety and effectiveness
  • Movements including running, sprinting, hopping, jumping, rotating, pushing, pulling, sliding, slamming and many more


Our Kick-Start Nutrition program is our methodical approach to maximizing results by teaching you everything you will ever need to know about nutrition and how it applies to you as an individual.

Our comprehensive food plans promote balanced meals and portion control of typical foods we all can enjoy.

The Kick-Start Nutrition program includes:

  • Assessment and Goal Setting to help see where you are and how to get to attainable benchmarks
  • Individual Nutrition Plans according to your needs, training schedule and food preferences with numerous choices and recipes to help you get results fast
  • Coaching on an individual basis to make sure you stay on track to meeting your desired goals
  • Results in the form in fat loss, muscle maintenance and gain and better training performance and recovery

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of athlete and achieve your fitness goals